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Would you like to help provide a second chance in your community? Contact us today and make life-saving Naloxone assessable at your business.  

Currently serving Illinois communities

How it works

  1. Fill out the form for more information, we will reach out about how your bussiness can help!

  2. Pick a cabinet to install in your bussiness. We ask for a donation to cover the cost of the cabinet.

  3. We install the cabinet in a place that is best for your bussiness. 

  4. Get more Narcan delivered to your address in about 2 bussiness  days. We set up your location with the ability to re-order.

  5. We help to train your staff on Narcan.

Cabinet Options

Outdoor "newspaper stand"

Holds 100-120 boxes

$500 Donation Request

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Outdoor "newspaper stand"

Indoor closed cabinet

Holds 9-30 boxes

$400-$600 Donation Request

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Indoor closed cabinet

Indoor "giveaway" cabinet

Holds 50 boxes

$700 Donation Request

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Indoor "giveaway" cabinet

Outdoor weatherproof cabinet

Holds 9 boxes

$350 Donation Request

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Outdoor weatherproof cabinet


953 N Plum Grove Rd. STE B

Schaumberg, IL 60173




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