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Everyone deserves a second chance.

You can help a friend, loved-one or stranger in the case of an opioid overdose. 

Prepare to be the 1 before 911.
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How to Use NARCAN Nasal Spray

Call 911 

NARCAN is not a substitute for Emergency Medical Care in an overdose. 
How to use NARCAN

What is NARCAN Nasal Spray??

NARCAN Nasal Spray, when used in conjunction with emergency medical care, can help restore breathing to a person experiencing an Opioid induced overdose.


If someone you know takes opioids or prescription opioids,  be prepared for possible live-threatening opioid overdose emergency by having NARCAN rescue kit nearby. 

  • Nasal spray that can help in a possible life-threatening opioid overdose emergency.

  • It is an "opioid antagonist"

  • Can quickly restore normal breathing to a person whose breathing has slowed or stopped because of an opioid overdose. 

  • Needle free and designed for ease-of-use

  • Requires no assembly or specialized training.

  • Inhalation is not required.

How to recognize an Opioid Overdose.

Signs of an OVERDOSE, which often results in death if not treated, include:

  • Unconsciousness or inability to awaken.

  •  Slow or shallow breathing or breathing difficulty such as choking sounds or a gurgling/snoring noise from a person who cannot be awakened.

  •  Fingernails or lips turning blue/purple. If an opioid overdose is suspected, stimulate the person:

    • Call the person’s name.

    • If this doesn’t work, vigorously grind knuckles into the sternum (the breastbone in middle of chest) or rub knuckles on the person’s upper lip.

    • If the person responds, assess whether he or she can maintain responsiveness and breathing.

    • Continue to monitor the person, including breathing and alertness, and try to keep the person awake
      and alert. 

If the person does not respond, call 911, provide rescue breathing if the person is not breathing on their own, and administer one does of naloxone. 


NARCAN -  Instructions for use

Instructions for using NARCAN nasal spray during an opioid overdose emergency.

IDHS - Recognizing an Opiod Overdose

Find the drug facts for Opioids and how to spot abuse. 

CDC - Opioid Use Risk Factors

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